4 Ways to Supercharge Your Home Search


OpenHouse-signEvery buyer-to-be uses open houses differently. For some, they offer a rich look at the very beginning of their house hunt. This empowers you to learn exactly what sort of place you can get for the money, at various price points and various spots around town. It also allows brand new buyers to figure out how the photos you see online translate to the real properties.

At the other end of the spectrum, serious buyers often use Open Houses as a convenient opportunity to cruise through a large number of interesting homes at one time every week without having to go through the process of setting appointments with every seller.

Whether you’ve just decided that buying a home is something you want to do or you are a seasoned, serious buyer waiting for that moment when “the one” hits the market, supercharge your Open House hours. See more properties that are real contenders and minimize time-wasting with these four tips:

1. Prep yourself.

Sure, you can just hop in the car, drive around and look for signs, you may even find an interesting house or two this way. Or you can maximize your time, conserve your energy and make sure you see as many real contenders as possible in a couple of hours on the weekend by doing a little bit of digital research to create a power-packed Open House viewing session.

With the Heyler Realty app, you can take a look at any point on the map and see a birds-eye-view of the properties for sale, their list prices and which of them have an upcoming Open House.  Tap on the property to see it’s photos and a few of the important details (price, address, bedrooms, and bathrooms).  If a home isn’t checking enough of your “must-have” boxes, cross it off your Open House list for the weekend.


2. If you are not already doing so, ask us for an Open House viewing list.

We can customize a list of open houses for you each weekend and eliminate the properties that will be a waste of your time.  If you are client of Heyler Realty, we already have an understanding of your style, tastes and desires for your new home.  Let us do the work for you before you even leave your home.


3. Take notes, and compare them.

After every home you see, spend a moment taking down some notes – ideally in writing or on your app – this will help you remember which property features went with which address/price/listing. After seeing a few houses each weekend, they all start to blur together.  Having a few notes on your initial impressions, questions, concerns, loves and dislikes about each property helps you remember the details when discussing with your Heyler agent.


4. Use Open Houses as a screening tool.

Here’s the other thing that taking good Open House viewing notes on each property does: it helps you narrow down all the places that looked kind of interesting to a short list for second takes. If you love a place, but it still has a lot of bad or ugly line items, or you dislike a place that actually has a lot of “Great” things about it, you can ask your us to arrange for a private, second viewing before making an offer or totally crossing it off the list.

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